Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sometimes Ya gotta try Something Different

Sometimes, you just gotta try something different.
I've never considered myself an artist. I never considered myself a writer. I've never considered myself much of anything. But every now and then, inspiration strikes and you just gotta try it or explode. So I did this picture. It's done in a free program (Daz Studio) which is a 3d rendering program. (see it here
I haven't been taught, it's just my eye at work. But isn't that what art or writing is? Just a chance to let yourself go and get in touch with something different?
I find the act of creativity enjoyable, and in some ways it connects me to my God.
Sometimes I get in touch with my inner demons too, but that's another matter--the act is enough to connect me to a lot of aspects of myself.

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