Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The anthology DC Comics won't write

Recently DC has been bringing out collections of "The Best _______Stories Ever Told" Most of these are terrific stories featuring the heroes--memorable and enjoyable. Here's my challenge to you. You're an editor (or at least part of an editorial pool) at DC comics charged with creating a new anthology. The Working title is the "Best Superheroine Peril Stories Ever Told" The rules are these...

1) The stories have to be memorable stories--ones that have stuck with you for a long time and you should be able to defend choices.

2) Groups stories count too...but only if the heroine is the key to success--no helpless heroines being rescued (Because I consider that cheating--is she a heroine or not?)

3) Note the title is Super HEROINE peril...I do not, nor ever will count Catwoman as a superheroine.

4) Note that the company is DC--no Marvel stories.

5) Don't worry if you think the character is obscure--believe me, ifyou've got one, chances are someone else will have heard of it. Make the list BIG! I'll post it eventually and we'll whittle it downto the top 20 , then the top 10 until we finally have the TOP Superheroine Peril story from DC...Just to get us started....

Justice League 151--Wonder Woman versus Amos Fortune

Adventure Comics 400--Supergirl Versus Black Flame

Action Comics 339--Brainiac's Trap for Supergirl

Lets hear your choices...

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