Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Plot Demands an evil Man

This is the Buffoon. He's not a nice man. (As you can see, he's captured the heroine known as the School Girl) Through the years that I've been on line as a role player, I've managed to play both good and bad guys. Overall, in the superhero role plays that seem to be prevalent on line, the men tend to be villainous and the women act as the superheroines.
That's all well and good, except all too often the bad guys win. Now, having played a villain myself, I LIKE to win. But there's something in my head that says. "It's just plain WRONG for the Bad guys to win all the time."
Now I've commented before, that in our society we tend to root for the underdog, that it's not cool to root for Road Runner, Superman, or Luke Skywalker--we'd rather see the Coyote, Lex Luthor or Darth Vader Win. Or DO we? Somehow, its comforting to know that the hero (or heroine) will triumph in the end.
After all, if Superman Returns ended with the Man of Steel DEAD, it would have been a shock ending--one no one anticipated. But I think it would also have been a flo as a movie because we EXPECT Superman to win.
After all, a GOOD plot requires conflict. And an epic plot requires an epic villain. As the Riders in the Sky put it, "...To prove the good are good, someone's got to put 'em through it." So if you look for a role play with me, be prepared for a plot driven story, one with twists and turns.
And like any good epic movie, the hero should expect setbacks, capture, defeat (but never TOTAL defeat) because the villain HAS to put them through it, to reflect the power of the hero's goodness. A hero can TRULY be seen as heroic when he (or she) has overcome terrific odds.
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