Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fortune Smiles: An Adult Justice League Adventure

The weekly meeting of the Foes of Justice Poker group was in full swing and the last pot was on the table. Amos Fortune looked at his hand, frowning. His three sevens looked good, but Felix Faust was calmly raising eveyone. So far both the Trickster and Captain Boomerang had folded, and the Shadow Thief had just disappeared.
"Bet's 50 thousand to you Fortune. Are you in or out?" Fortune was a noted gambler, and his theories of luck had landed him in hot water with the JLA more times than he could count. But he DID have an uncanny sense for finding good luck.
"I"ll call, and raise you 100 thousand, Faust."
Felix Faust laughed, and said, "Call," then fanned his hand, proudly displaying a pair of Queens. As he reached his hand out for the pot, Fortune stopped it. "Three sevens beats a pair, Faust."
He looked at the pot, smiling. But he realized it was not the full pot. "Did you place your money into the pot Felix? I appear to be about $100,000 short."
Faust hemmed and hawed, tugging uncomfortably at his collar. In his deep rasping voice, he said, "I don't have the cash, Amos. But I do have this." Reaching up to his throat, he withdrew an amulet--gold, with six small red stones surrounding a large blue one.
"What is it?" asked Fortune.
"The amulet of Osiris, a rare Egyptian treasure. It's supposed to be magic, but I've never been able to work it."
"Why are some of the rubies darker red?"
"I never really noticed that before. But I'm sure it's worth the money I bet."
Fortune took the necklace from the impoverished sorcerer with a frustrated, "Hmmph" then strode to the door for his ride home.
In the car, his hand rubbed the amulet. "What a fraud that Faust is. I wish the Justice League would teach him another lesson."
The headline jumped off the page and Fortune nearly spilled his coffee.
He stared at the Amulet and saw another ruby had shifted from glowing red to a dark blood red. He had four bright red rubies left.
A plan formed in Fortune's twisted mind.
Four rubies. Apparently Faust hadn't experimented with the amulet at all, since he'd parted with it so readily. Amos Fortune smiled at his good luck and pursed his lips. He had been granted the stuff dreams are made of, an amulet that granted his desires.
Of course, part of being so lucky involved careful planning to insure his good luck didn't go to waste. Fortune wasn't sure just how far his wishes would go, just how powerful he could make them. Additionally, he knew just how capricious the winds of chance really were.
He sat in his study, planning carefully for his next move. Fortune had been defeated too many times to allow that good luck was all one needed to defeat the Justice League. "No I need someone willing to be on the inside, someone no one would suspect of being my ally."
Fortune's mind was wandering. He smiled as he remembered some of the partial victories he had scored over the JLA in the past. Then he remembered his defeat at the hands of Wonder Woman.
He had captured her, using her unique body as a focus for a giant stimuluck device. Her body had drained several of the leaguers of their own natural abilities and passed them on to other humans; humans Fortune had controlled.
She had tricked him though. Through her beauty and cunning she had compelled Fortune to reverse his plans, freeing her and saving her friends. Angrily, he gripped the amulet, stroking it, frowning.
"Wonder Woman thought she was so smart, to trick me like that. I wish she was here right now, helpless before me and subject to my whims once again!"
A flash of light temporarily blinded Fortune as he spoke. When his eyes cleared, he was stunned to find a struggling Wonder Woman lying on the silk carpet of his study.
She was bound hand and foot with heavy chains. Her wrists were chained behind her back and her body glistened with sweat from her struggles. She rolled over, struggling and caught sight of Fortune. The light glistened on her red satin bustier, and reflected off the golden eagle whos wings were defined by her magnificent breasts. Her satin trunks were dark with perspiration
"Damn you Amos Fortune! What did you do to me?" Wonder Woman's face was twisted with fury as she confronted her captor.
"Why my dear Wonder Woman, you're here to fulfill my wishes," he chuckled evilly. Fortune reached down to his helpless victim's waist and removed her lasso and belt. "And if it was this easy to capture you, then it should be child's play to defeat all of your colleagues." He unsnapped the lariat from her belt.
Wrapping the lasso around Wonder Woman's neck, he said, "Now you'll tell me how to keep you a helpless slave forever."
He stole a glance at the amulet. Three bright red stones, three dark remained.
Wonder Woman shivered. Faust's command demanded obedience and yet she felt that even without the lasso she would be powerless to resist him.
"I can be kept helpless by any man, provided he welds chains to my bracelets. I then become as weak as a kitten, unable to fight, unable to resist." Wonder Woman felt her face flush red as the terrible truth tumbled from her lips.
Fortune smiled. He remembered that much about her at least. He also remembered that if he was to dominate the world, it had to begin here, now, with Wonder Woman. He tugged on the lasso, forcing a slight gurgle from her lips.
"And tell me Wonder Woman, even with chains, you would still try to resist me, plotting out some escape, always try to work your way free, isn't that right?"
The Amazon nodded. "Yes Fortune, I would always look for a way to defeat you. You would never know another moment's rest as long as you kept me enslaved."
"So," he continued. "Is there a way to defeat an Amazon so completely that she can never regain her strength or her will power?"
Diana trembled at the question. An ancient curse, brought about by Hippolyte's failure to watch for treachery haunted the Amazons and every last woman of them knew it. They never talked about it, though, except in solemn ceremonies.
Now however, the words flowed from Wonder Woman's mouth like a spring breaking through a rock wall.
"If any man takes an Amazon against her will, Athena's curse is that she would fall hopelessly in love with him. Her goddess given abilities would disappear, and she would be relegated to being a mere mortal."
Fortune's eyebrows raised at this suggestion. "Indeed? And in all these years, in all your adventures no one has succeeded in taking you?"
Wonder Woman's blushing face was all he needed to see.
The heavy set felon stood over his well chained captive and laughed. "Then I will make you mine for all eternity, Wonder Woman."

His meaty hand tugged at the waistband of her shiny blue trunks. "No!" hissed Wonder Woman, with a sharp intake of breath. His hand tugged the trunks over her tanned, shapely thighs, exposing a tuft of dark black hair and a soft pink pussy.
"NOoooo!!!" pleaded Wonder Woman, unable to turn away from the horror that she faced. Fortune straddled his victim, forcing himself into her tight opening. Wonder Woman bucked, screamed and pleaded, but Fortune persisted. He rode her like a bronco, his luck holding and his body swaying in rhythm with her wild gyrations. He felt a subtle change as her body began to match his own exertions though, and her impassioned pleas became helpless whimpers.
He felt her back arch and at that moment, his own body seized with ecstasy. Fortune shot his cum deep inside the heroine's body, then leaned back with a satisfied look on his face.
Beneath him, the former Wonder Woman sniffled and sobbed, feeling her strength drain away from her.
Fortune regained the lasso, then asked Wonder Woman, "You're now my obedient slave, is that correct?" Wordlessly she nodded.
He undid the lasso, coiling it for safekeeping, and locked it and the belt into his desk. He returned to the chained victim on his floor and asked, "Are you ready to help me now?"
Meekly Wonder Woman nodded The tears had forced her mascara to run, and her body's sweat stained the once proud red bustier. Fortune kicked the defeated Amazon in the ribs, forcing an intake of breath that was at once demeaning and exhilirating for the tamed princess.
"Now Wonder Woman, tell me how I can best defeat the Justice League. And I'm not looking for some way just to make them disappear, but rather for some way to utterly defeat them forever."
"You fiend! You're talking about murder!" exclaimed the now powerless Wonder Woman, her body shivering in rage. The chains clinked against her sweatstained body.
"Yes, I suppose I am," smiled Fortune. "Still, you'll still be alive and useful to me. After all, I can always use a good scullery maid."
Wonder Woman swallowed hard. Her heart pounded with desire for this man who had tamed her. She desperately wanted him to succeed and love her again and again.
"Master?" she asked, the word almost catching in her throat. "Will you kill all the members of the league?"
"No, only the ones I can't think of a better use for. And if I'm going to rule the world, I'll need some of them to provide support for my administration. But I'll need to know how to defeat every one of them, and you can tell me how to do it, can't you my sweet?"
Wonder Woman nodded. Starting with Aquaman and going through Zatanna, she began listing the weaknesses for all the members of the Justice League. Fortune took copious notes, planning his revenge even more completely than any of his previous schemes.

Zatanna was worried. Diana usually showed up for monitor duty at least two hours ahead of time. This time however, she was running late. Zatanna finished her shift and alerted J'onn J'onzz to Wonder Woman's absence. The martian materialized next to the sexy sorceress.
"I'm worried J'onn," said Zatanna. "It's not like Wonder Woman to fail to check in or show up. And my mystic probing indicates a strong aura of magic where Wonder Woman is involved.
Additionally, I'm getting images of Felix Faust as well."
J'onn nodded gravely. "You sense she is in danger?"
Zatanna shook her head. "No, just something out of sort. I think I'll pay a call on Faust before heading home."
Zatanna popped out of the JLA satellite and into a jail cell reserved for super criminals. Inside Faust was raving about his dumb luck.
"I should know better than to play cards with Amos Fortune! The man cheats--or was born under a lucky star--or something."
Zatanna smiled, then winked out before Faust saw her. "Ekat em ot somA EnutroF!"
Fortune leaned back in his chair as he waved Diana off in dismissal, sending her to the kitchen to make him a sandwich. Everything was FINALLY coming together. His years of sufffering and humilation had built up an enormous store of karma...and now that the wheel was turning he planned to make the most of his good luck before it faded once again.
It looked like this would finally be it though, the time that he would defeat the Justice League once and for all....
Suddenly, all of his daydreams popped like a soap bubble as the JLA's sexy sorceress appeared in front of him in a burst of magic. "Zatanna!", he squealed like a stuck pig. "UMmmm...to...ah...what...do I owe this pleasure?" Trying to be casual, he snaked his hand out, trying to take hold of the ruby amulet....
But the dark haired woman would have none of it...even if she didn't know the object at first glance. "somA EnutroF, od ton evom litnu I esaeler uoy!" She leaned down, scowling at the paralyzed man. "Now...tell me where Diana is!"
"I'm right here," Diana declared from behind the sorceress. "And...I'm sorry...."
Zatanna gasped as she whirled about, her mind taking a few precious seconds to process the sight of the now enslaved Amazon. It took her a few more moments to realize the danger she was in as the golden lasso encircled her. "Diana, what are you...?"
Tears streamed down the warrior woman's face. "Zatanna, my lasso binds you in body and soul...you will now only speak whatever spells Amos Fortune commands you to!"
The sorceress opened her mouth to incant a spell, but her voice died in her throat. Her powers were now Fortune's to command.
A wicked grin tugged at the villain's lips. "Release Amos Fortune!", he exclaimed.
The mystic beauty tried, but the lasso's compulsion was irresistable. "Esaeler somA EnutroF!", she hissed, grimacing as the words were forced from her lips.
He sighed in relief. "MUCH better," he said as he stood up. With a sneer, he reached up and caressed the witch's chin. "With your help, this will all be so much easier."
"I'll *never* help you!", she retorted, struggling against her bonds both physical and mental.
Waggling a chubby finger in front of her face, he chortled, "Never say never, my dear! In fact, I think you're about to get a whole new outlook on life!"
Her eyes widened in horror. "You wouldn't!"
With a leer, he said, "Zatanna is now Fortune's slave. Zatanna loves her master without
hesitation or reservation and obeys his word to the letter!" Wonder Woman nodded dutifully and said, "Repeat it Zatanna, using your magic."
Unable to resist the lasso's compulsions, the sultry sorceress heard her voice repeating, "Annataz si won S'enutrof evals. Annataz sevol reh retsam tuohtiw noitatiseh ro noitavreser dna syebo sih drow ot eht rettel!"
The panic died in Z's eyes as she was forced to use her powers on herself, altering herself to Amos' obedient lackey. She slid to her knees, smiling up at him. "What is your command, my Master?"
Fortune smiled as Zatanna willing placed herself into his servitude. Her eyes looked longingly at him, eager to serve in some way. Behind him, he felt the delicate touch of Wonder Woman massaging his shoulders; working away the kinks in his neck. All was right with the world, in his opinion. Still something gnawed at his mind, something Wonder Woman had told him. He suddenly sat upright and looked at Zatanna, remembering.
"Zatanna my darling, why did you come looking for me?" he asked. The young sorceress stared up into his eyes, her mouth open in astonishment..
"I..I was worried about Wonder Woman. It was her turn to take over the monitor duty, and she hadn't arrived yet. I told J'onn J'onnz about it, and he agreed to take over the monitor. Fortune frowned at the news. Surely, if Zatanna showed up missing as well as Wonder Woman, the Justice League would be on him like white on rice. He needed to move his plans up.
"How long will the Martian be on monitor duty?" he asked Zatanna.
"Until Wonder Woman returns, or until her shift is over." Zatanna glanced at a clock. "Wonder Woman has about four more hours until her shift is over. Then I think Green Arrow is supposed to take over." Wonder Woman's head bobbed in agreement.
"Then here's what I want you to do," he said, taking his two slaves by the hand.
J'onn J'onnz looked up from the monitor board as he heard the teleporter chime. As Wonder Woman walked into the room, he smiled. "You're a bit late," he said, affably.
"I lost track of time at the festival for Demeter," said Wonder Woman. If Zatanna hadn't found me, I'd still be roping girls from the back of my kanga," said Wonder Woman, settling herself behind the monitor board. She looked over her shoulder at the retreating Martian. Zatanna said she had a surprise for you for being so helpful earlier. She asked if you would meet her in the trophy room."
J'onn nodded and walked noiselessly across the floor of the Watchtower. When he reached the trophy room, however, he saw no sign of Zatanna. "Zatanna?" he called, softly
"Elcric fo erif, part nno'J zzno'J" said Zatanna, stepping out from behind Amazo. J'onn found himself completely encircled by a fiery blaze. His Martian strength deserted him and he groaned in pain as the flames licked closer. As he tried to escape, the flames burned closer, setting his cape ablaze. The flames were too much for the last son of Mars, and he pitched forward, unconscious.
Zatanna smiled, then removed his JLA signal device. "Citsym sdniw yrrac nno'J zzno'J ot obmiL!" A soft, misty wind blew though the Watchtower and swirled around the Martian Manhunter. He was lifted into the swirl, then disappeared into a fog. The mist dissipated, leaving no trace of J'onn J'onnz.
A moment later, Zatanna slipped into the monitor room where Diana carefully manipulated the controls. On several screens,the daily adventures of the Justice League members played out; while on others, crises of less than superheroic proportions were being attended to by firefighters, soldiers, and police officers around the globe.
Toggling a switch, Wonder Woman opened a channel to Fortune, who was waiting below with Zatanna's com device.
"Master, we have eliminated the Martian and are prepared for your arrival." Zatanna worked the teleporter controls and a moment later Amos Fortune stood in the fabulous satellite of the Justice League of America.
Wonder Woman smiled as her beloved conquerer strode across the room, studying the many controls and computers. His gaze lit on her voluptuous form, and he returned her smile.
"Soon my love, soon I will take you again." He looked at Zatanna and added, "And don't think I have forgotten you; I cannot wait to taste your pleasures. But first we must ensure that we have time to carry out my plans. Wonder Woman, I know your monitor duty time is almost up. Who is due to replace you?"
The tamed Amazon studied the duty roster, then reported, "It is to be Green Arrow, Master."
Zatanna nodded solemnly. "He usually does not arrive alone. The Archer is generally accompanied by the Black Canary."
Fortune's eyes lit at this. In addition to his great defeat at Wonder Woman's hands, both Black Canary and Hawkgirl had borne responsibilty as well. The Canary was a fetishist's dream in her fishnet tights and black bodysuit. Eagerly he laid out his plans for the unsuspecting heroes.

"I hate having my atoms blasted to who knows where by Birdbrain's alien technology," grumbled Green Arrow as he stepped from the Star City teleporter, followed by Black Canary. In his brash fashion, Green Arrow strode angrily through the teleporter room doors, heading for the galley for coffee first.
Dinah followed a step behind him, but felt something drop over her shoulders, pinning her arms to her side and squeezing the breath from her before she could utilize her sonic cry. A heavy bag gag was shoved over her face and Wonder Woman's elbow brought the helpless heroine down.
In the galley, Green Arrow was rummaging with the coffeemaker, when he felt a delicate hand caressing his face, tickling his beard.
"Hey pretty bird, I'm all for romance, but not while we're on the clock...HOLY HANNAH!" he said in surprise.
Zatanna stood in front of the stunned archer, dressed only in her fishnet hose and top hat. A large black cape swirled round her shoulders.
"Hey Green Arrow, wanna make some magic? I'll bet you could make your arrow disappear...here." Her hands slid sensually down her taut belly toward her well shaven pussy.
Green Arrow stammered, "Wha..what's got hold of you Zatanna? Are you feeling all right?"
"I'm fine GA, but you're soon going to be feeling a bit differently. You see your fortunes are about to change."
She turned, the dark cloak swirling and begining to wrap the archer. It slipped free from the sexy magician's shoulders and embraced Green Arrow like an unwanted lover.
Green Arrow struggled, unable to fight the cloak as it wrapped him, then covered him over completely. His form dropped to its knees, then to the floor, then the cloak went flat.
Zatanna snapped it up from the floor, revealing a bare space where Green Arrow had once stood. "Ta daaaaa!" she said with a tiny smirk. She minced back up the corridor, eager to gain the promised reward of Amos Fortune's touch.
Black Canary stood unresisting, mostly because Wonder Woman's lasso had compelled it. Her blue eyes gazed wistfully on her leather bodice and coat, now laying carelessly on the floor beside Wonder Woman. The Amazon was carefully inspecting Black Canary's body. Diana's strong hands cupped Dinah's firm breasts, flicking the nipples until the young heroine whimpered.
"Bah, an Amazon wouldn't complain," said Wonder Woman.
"An Amazon wouldn't betray her friends, either," muttered Black Canary.
"She has new friends, my dear," said Fortune. He entered the room with the nearly nude Zatanna dogging his heels like an eager puppy. "And you're going to become one of them."
Zatanna looked into Black Canary's eyes and began to chant "Yranac emoceb a evals ot eht serised fo somA enutroF" Black Canary felt her mind weakening and her desires for the safety of her friends and city being overcome by the overwhelming desire to please Amos Fortune.

Amos Fortune was in ecstacy. He lolled back on the makeshift king sized bed, and purred contentedly as three of the world's most powerful heroines licked, sucked or fondled every inch of his body. It had been two hours since Fortune had made Green Arrow and the Martian Manhunter disappear. In that time, he had pleasured himself frequently with the lithsome heroines. The world was his, the JLA satellite was his and the wonder of it all was he still had three wishes left. With Zatanna's powers at his beck and call, he could control any heroine he desired. He smiled and petted the young sorceress as she snuggled under his left arm, nibbling on his nipples.
Wonder Woman was nestled against his right arm, slowly licking his neck. He bent his head and kissed her deeply, remembering how piteously she had pleaded beofre he claimed her powers and took her completely. Since that moment, she had folowed him relentlessly, with something like worship in her bright blue eyes.
He groaned as Black Canary worked her tongue across his erect shaft. His hands clutched the blonde powerhouse's locks and tugged in eager response. Surprise lit his face as he found himself holding Black Canary's hair and nothing else of the woman. Fortune gazed down at the three raven tressed beauties under his thrall—their bodies perfect and their eagerness to please him apparent on every inch of their bodies.
Reluctantly, though, Fortune knew that his time was short again. The roster for monitor duty indicated Superman and Batman were to be the next two heroes on duty. Fortune had noticed tha J'onn J'onzz logged his whole time in the monitor chair and downloaded it to somewhere in Gotham City. In all likelihood, Batman had already been apprised of Wonder Woman's tardy arrival, and had probably tried to contact the missing heroes.
"I need to stop him before he gets here." said Fortune aloud.
"What's that Master?" asked Wonder Woman. "Who do you need to stop?"
Fortune cupped the Amazon's chim in his hands and gazed tenderly into Diana's eyes. "Darling Wonder Woman, would you tell me if any of your former colleagues had tried to contact you through your JLA signal device?" Wonder Woman tried to break heer master's gaze, but was unable to.
"Yes master. In fact, before Zatanna arrived, no one had tried to contact me. But when you captured me, I was working a case with Supergirl in Stanhope. Since that point, both Superman and Batman have tried to contact me through my signal device."
Fortune sat upright, crossing his hands over his knees and placing his head on them. "What about you?" he growled at the other twowomen.
Zatanna frowned, "Master, I know that J'onn sent out a low level alert to all members when I went to look for Wonder Woman. Batman has tried to follow up with me as well.
Canary nodded in agreement.
"My guess is that the remaining members of the league would be arriving shortly, master. No doubt they've already formulated a plan for attack."
"You got THAT right!"
Fortune whirled, scattering sheets and pillows to the floor. In the doorway of the Sickbay stood Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Flash. Other voices could be heard in the corridor.
"Stand down Fortune, and let the women go." said Batman, menace deep in his voice.
Amos Fortune slowly rose from the bed, hands over his head.
"All right Batman, you've won. But it was fun while it lasted." His hand rubbed the amulet, while Fortune spoke again. "I just wish I had managed to capture all the Justice League in some trap that none of them could escape, either alone or together."

Amos Fortune laughed, but caught himself before it became a maniacal one. After all, one had to have standards. And maniacal laughter was for the Joker, certainly not for a sophisticated gambler such as himself.
He could scarcely beleive his good fortune. Three of the most powerful heroines on Earth were at his beck and call, indeed they were fighting among themselves as to who would be the best to service him. In addition, He was in total control of the Justice League's famed satellite. As for the Justice League, they had been utterly defeated by his lucky amulet.
"They won't be coming back," he said for the fifth time that hour, as giddy as a schoolboy on holiday. "This calls for a celebration. Zatanna, Diana, Dinah, come here!" His three helpless and now devoted slaves raced into his prescence. All three of the heroines were almost completely nude. However, Fortune's twisted mind had allowed them each to maintain some vetige of her heroine costume. Both Dinah and Zatanna were clad in nothing but fishnet hose, while Wonder Woman was clad in her red boots and tiara.
"Attend to me, my dears," said the overweight gambler, leaning back in Superman's extremely comfortable chair. He undid the robe of luck symbols he wore, revealing a bare chest. Wonder Woman placed herself onto his lap, straddling him wiht her long, lean legs and caressing his hirsute chest with her bright red nails. Black Canary began licking at his neck, her velvet tongue causing the master villan (and villanous Master) to arch his nck in sublime glee.
Zatanna drooped over Fortune's head, her long dark hair sweeping along side his cheeks. Her breasts pressed against the bald spot on the top of his head and her tongue worked more magic than her words ever could inside of Fortune's mouth. Amos Fortune whimpered in joy. If a super villain could ever attain to heaven, Fortune was certain it would be like this.
Suddenly though, Amos Fortune found himself swept out of Superman's chair. Instead of the main conference room, he was locked into a stasis cell in the lower levels of the JLA headquarters. "What the..how?" he began.
Standing outside the cell was a vision of strength rivalled by only one power on Earth and a beauty rivalled by none. Hands on her tight red satin hot pants, Supergirl glared at Amos Fortune. Her golden hair gleamed in the low light, and her voice, filled with anger, was powerful.
"What have you done to them Fortune? She demanded. "Why were those women all over you? And what have you done with the Justice League?" Her breasts heaved against the tight blue blouse , forcing the little red S to rise and fall in the most erotic way, thought Fortune. Supergirl reached into the stasis chamber, grabbing the villan by his robe and pulling him to the bars. Fortune howled in pain at the electronic restraints.
"I warn you Fortune, tell me where they are, now?"
"Or what Supergirl, everyone knows you dont' kill. And when my ladies find out what you've done, they'll be here to rescue me."
"Not likely Fortune, Batgirl is up there now trying to break their conditioning."
"So I've been defeated by the World's Finest Ladies Auxillary, is that it?" Fortune said with a smug grin.
Supergirl's eyes changed color from baby blue to red and Fortune felt the heat of his skin rising. "HEY! That hurts! I'll tell Supergirl, I promise." The Last Daughter of Krypton released the hapless Fortune and he fell to the floor.
"Go on, " she said.
Fortune slowly spun the story of the Amulet, how the wishes were granted as he made them. How he had captured and defeated Wonder Woman, then used her to force Zatanna andf Black Canary into his service. "I used the amulet last to send the Justice League into a place where they'll never return," he said.
"And just WHERE is this amulet?" asked Supergirl.
"You snatched me away from it. It's in the control room."
"Not anymore," said a perky voice. Batgirl strode into the room, her hips pivoting seductively beneath the flowing blue cape. She was followed by Wonder Woman and Zatanna. Fortune's face fell, as Batgirl handed the amulet to Supergirl.
"Be careful, Kara, it's magical, and you know how powwerful magic is against you." Supergirl looked up at the dominoed daredoll, with a curious look on her face. Almost immediately, she heard Zatanna say, "Lrigrepus, rednerrus ruoy lliw. Uoy era won eht evals fo Soma Enutrof." Supergirl rocked back on her heels as the powerful incantations of the diminutive mage seeped through every fiber of her being. Suddenly she stood still, then looked into the stasis chamber.
"Master, what are you doing in there?" she asked, bending the bars and releasing Amos Fortune. She knelt at his feet, embracing his knees. "I am so sorry master, I deserve to be punished."
Two weeks had passed in the JLA Satellite. Amos Fortune's control over Earth's most powerful defenders is complete. The Justice League is missing, magically banished and completely unable to return.
Batgirl and Supergirl were his latest acquisitions. Batgirl had gone to free the enthralled heroines only to be stunned into submission by Zatanna. Then in a clever decoy move, she had been instumental in turning the Maid of Might into a sex toy as well.
Day by day, the Justice League Satellite was transforming from a battle command center to something which more resembled the Playboy mansion. Fortune's perverted sense of fun left his slaves in pieces of their original costumes, but for the most part, Amos Fortune was surrounded by beautiful, naked women.
Fortune had settled into the role of a potentate, tasting the delights of each heroine in her turn, as well as in group settings. Zatanna was eager, but inexperienced; Black Canary was well versed in oral sex (who knew?) and Batgirl, with her eidetic memory and gymnast's body was able to perform most of the Kama Sutra with ease. Supergirl's alien anatomy was completely fasinating to explore and her moaning and willingness belied her innocent look. Wonder Woman was completely devoted, unable to be otherwise as he had broken her when he first began his conquests. She was gentle, timid, almost afraid and Fortune knew she would always remain that way.
With the heroines under his thumb, and the JLA gone, the world continued, erupting into chaos. In Gotham City, a turf war had broken out between the Black Mask, the Dummy and the Penguin. Luthor's robots rampaged through Metropolis. In Washington, the Angle Man schemed to control the flow of information in the Capitol. Every other major city in the US was in similar straights.
But in the JLA satellite, all was tranquil. Or so it seemed. Fortune had lost track of time, lost in the raptures of his harem. But in the women's quarters, as Fortune slept, things were different.
Black Canary started one night. Supergirl had been summoned to the master and Black Canary was restless. She crossed to Wonder Woman and said, "You're a cow! A drooping, washed up has been! You were ridiculous beforehand in your garish, ugly costume. You looked like a stripper on steroids."
Batgirl laughed. Getting into the spirit of the night, she added, "Or more like a hideous drag queen. Or an old bat of a movie star, still insisting you're beautiful as your boobs sag lower and lower."
""You're nothing any more Wonder Woman, I don't know what the Master sees in you," said Zatanna, throwing in her own barb. She laughed in a high twitter.
Diana looked around the room pathertically. She threw a punch at Dinah, but Black Canary blocked it, catching Wonder Woman's arm and twisting it tightly around her back. Wonder Woman shrieked as Black Canarylocked her wrist; the groaned in pain as Batgirl landed several combination blows with her hands, feet knees and elbows into the weakened Amazon's stomach.
Black Canary threw Wonder Woman into a wall. Diana fell to the floor and Zatanna stepped on the Amazon's back with her high heeled shoes, grinding Diana's face into the cold metal floor. The three heroines then dropped to the floor and proceeded to beat the hapless Amazon, leaving her a battered mess on the floor; her dignity shredded like her costume. "There, that will teach you your place, Wonder Wuss."
After the sound beating, Diana crawled to her bed, whimpering and fearful. She clutched the pillow, burying her face in the tearstained case. Her hands clutched the Osisris Amulet. She'd been keeping it safe since the day Supergirl and Batgirl burst in, and since she hadn't been summoned before Fortune since then, she had not yet returned it to him.
In a trembling voice, the broken Princess of Power said, "They think they're so tough and powerful; that they can serve Amos Fortune better. Well maybe they're right. But I'd show them if I still was Wonder Woman--even that bubble headed cheerleader, Supergirl. Oh why did I ever tell him the truth? Doesn't he know I'd willingly be his; without compulsion? He's mine, all mine. I wish I was my old self, complete with all my powers. I'd show those women a thing or two then." As she spoke she began rubbing the amulet. "Yes I wish I was Wonder Woman again."
A reddish glow filled the room and Diana felt herself changing. She felt the strength and confidence flowing back into her. "Merciful Minerva! " She caught her mouth and remembered everything that had transpired the last several days.
There was one bright red stone remaining. Swiftly rubbing it, Wonder Woman said, "I wish all was restored to the time Amos Fortune captured me. Let no one remember their misfortunes and may all be as it was."
There was a flash and Diana found herself squirming in chains on the floor of Amos Fortune's house.
"Damn You Amos Fortune, What have you done to me?" she demanded. As she squirmed, she tapped her belt buckle to the floor, opeining the JLA comm link. As Fortune began taunting her, his door crashed open. The Flash darted loops around Fortune, scooping up the mystic amulet (now with no bright red stones) while Red Tornado gently freed Wonder Woman from her restraints.
"Trying to take over the world again Fortune?" asked Flash. "You never learn. You'll always have bad luck around the JLA."
"What? " said Fortune. "For a moment I had the most wonderful vision--all the powerful heroines my slaves and the JLA destroyed."
That was just a bad dream Fortune," said Wonder Woman, with a knowing smile.

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