Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've been doing a lot of reading lately and I'm amazed at the recurring themes I find. What sort of stories appeal to me? I'll be honest I like Grand Fantasy. Someting in the realms of Tolkein, Lewis, Brooks. Lately I've been reading a new anthology of lesser known Arthurian tales.
I LOVE the interplay of good and evil, of righteousness and virtue. But all too often, while I love Gawain's gentle gallantry and heroism, I think I identify more with Kay. Kay is a fast tempered, ill-mannered yet courageous member of Arthur's court. That he was efficient was shown by the fact that Arthur made him Seneschal of Camelot--the Chief Justice and Marshall.
But Gawain (in the earlier stories) Lancelot (in the French tales) and Galahad were the perfect knights. I imagine Kay would have been less than pleased with that. IN the tales I'm currently reading, his headstrong ways get Arthur and his court into such trouble that only Gawain can save them from.
The flawed hero is appealing to me. His motives are pure, but his actions may belie the fact he hasn't thought through all his actions. If you've ever had a chance to chat with me, you know that's kinda how I play my characters--Bright, confident, and bullheaded, or flawed some how.
I guess that explains the "cover art" above. Captain Zammo is my alter ego--a man of courage and action. But sometimes his activities seem a little "suspect" and he's been know to rub people the wrong way. I feel he generally succeeds in the end--though he succeeds against the odds, not by taking the best route.
After all, it wouldn't be the Ranger Way.

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