Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quiz Time Again...

All right Apt Pupils....Put your books away and prepare for a quiz....


The Wrecker has just destroyed Police headquarters; kiling several cops and civilians. In your costumed role you've chased him to the rooftop of the Generic Building; forty stories high. In the course of your fight to bring the Wrecker to justice, he stumbles, wavering off-balance on the edge of the rooftop.

Do you

a) Shrug and let the Wrecker deal with it?

b) Push him over the edge?

c) Reach out to save him in a valiant rescue effort?


You're defeating the villain, and are about to use your patented Super Crush move when the foul fiend siezes your mask and sees your face. He laughs, recognizing your identity and threatens to blackmail you if you don't do his bidding. Do you...

a) Crush the life from him, preserving your identity?

b) Give in to his demands--protecting your friends and family?

c) Defeat the creep and take him in anyway--vowing to expose yourself to the world?

QUESTION THREE (heroines only)

The Villain has captured you, and discovered some way to keep your amazing abilities at bay. He (she) has systematically begun to assault your body with the idea of turning you into a sexy Superslut. Do You...

a) Whimper helplessly, hoping for a rescue?

b) Block your mind out and just give in to the situation?

c) Fight to the death, trying to escape the whole time?

OK pencils down. This should stir up some controversy, but I feel the only right answer to all the questions is C. The other answers are good, but hardly heroic in my definition. What makes a SUPERHERO in my definition is never giving up, and rising above his or her emotions, living by a code that keeps a hero on the path of right.

It's one reason I like the classic heroes from the forties. Though he used a gun, Sandman only shot gas at his villains, righting the wrong and leaving the legal system to deal with the villains. But he ALWAYS left the villains to the law. I think its a code worth living today, for all of us, not just the Superheros.

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