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The End?

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Diana's eyes fluttered and she felt the intensity of the bright halogen bulbs against her retinas. She blinked hard again, trying to clear the fog and cobwebs from her brains and with startling clarity she remembered.

The Ambush....

The message from the Justice League called Wonder Woman to rendezvous with Superman at the refinery outside Blue Valley. Rumors of Metallo's apparent return had convince the Atom that the showstoppers of the JLA were needed. Or so the message had said.

But now she realized it had been a trap for her all along. Diana landed next to the burly, unmoving figure of the Man of Steel and put her hand tenderly on his shoulder. "I'm here Kal. What's this all abou...?"

At that moment, the ground trembled and several bombs exploded in a circle around the two surprised heroes. Wonder Woman was able to dodge most of the shrapnel, but one large tanker truck exploded behind her; a large chink crashing into the back of the Valiant Amazon's skull and knocking her unconscious....

Her memory now regained, Diana leaped to her feet, alarmed. "KAL!" she shouted. In her excited jump, Wonder Woman discovered her wrists were bound tightly together...with her own lasso.

"I'm glad to see you could rejoin us Princess," said a familiar and sinister voice in the shadows. Wonder Woman peered intently into the glare.

"Luthor?" she asked. "Where's Superman?"

"Of course its Luthor," he chuckled. Who else would have been capable of engineering the capture of the amazing Wonder Woman? Or of finally destroying the so-called Man of Steel?"

Superman dead? Wonder Woman's heart fell, but her posture showed she didn't believe it.

"You doubt me, then?" asked Luthor. He held up a tattered red cape; the once proud "S" shield now charred and burned. "The explosions were laced with a heavy green Kryptonite radiation. His death was slow and painful, I'm afraid."

"But the Justice League...?" began Wonder Woman.

"Has no idea where you are," finished Luthor. "It was no small matter, but I've been tapped into your JLA communicators for months now. I've broken your codes. All I had to do was interrupt your transmitter and substitute my own message. And you fell for it. " He held up a restraining hand and Wonder Woman shuddered when she saw the gold lasso tightly held in Luthor's fist.

"Before you ask, even if your friends were able to track you to Blue Valley, they'd find a dead end. The explosion contained a magnetic pulse that destroyed both your comlink and your subdermal GPS locator. We're well within a registered lead lined facility, so even your Martian friend can't find you. Aside from yours truly, no one knows where you are Wonder Woman."

He pulled the lasso a bit, and Wonder Woman was forced to take a step forward. "Now we're going to play a little game Wonder Woman. This lasso of yours compels someone to tell the truth! I should know, I've been in its grip before. But is that all it can do?"

Wonder Woman's body shuddered as she attempted to resist the question. But the answer forced its way from her lips. "NO!" she practically shouted. Luthor smiled a cold, wolf like grin...

Dangling the lasso,so that it whipped slightly against her fists, Luthor prodded, "And just what else can it do Princess?"

Wonder Woman rocked, fighting the compulsion..."nnnNNN It can compel the truth, but whoever is bound by the lasso, must obey whoever hold it."

"I see, and for how long?"

"That depends on the command," replied Wonder Woman. Diana swallowed hot tears, knowing she couldn't stop the last piece of information, even if she wanted to. She tried to bite it back but in a strangled voice she said, " There's more..."

Luthor leaned forward, intent, "Yes?"

Her willpower completely destroyed by the constant battering of the lasso's compelling force. Wonder Woman bowed her head in shame, the raven hair covering her eyes and blocking Luthor from her sight. Her voice dropped so softly, that Luthor had to strain to hear her.

"The lasso can alter how one perceives the truth. It opens the mind, allowing someone to edit basic information. Though its more intense than simple command obedience, it functions along the same lines. While so bound," she held up her bound wrists, " you could convince me or change how I see the truth of almost anything."

"A perfected brain washer. Have you ever used this power before?" Wonder Woman shook her head.

"Of course not, how altruistic. Too powerful and too afraid to use it, I assume. Well I'm not. Let's start simply...Who is Superman?"

Wonder Woman looked up, startled. "You said he was dead."

"I lied. It's what I do. I see you trying to avoid the question Princess, so I'll ask again...Who is Superman?"

For the next hour, Diana told Luthor all the secrets of the Justice League and their allies. He stopped her at that point, then smiled.

"Dance for me, princess. A little harem girl dance."

"What? No! I won't..." but her feet were already moving in little precise dance steps, her hips gyrating sexually. Soft music came up and Wonder Woman found a beat, moving sensuously with the swaying rhythm. The music changed, becoming strident, brassy and definitely bump and grind.

"Go ahead Wonder Woman, strip for me," laughed Luthor, his eyes drinking in the Amazon's humiliation. Despite her bonds and her inexperience, Wonder Woman gave a passable striptease, leaning into Luthor, shimmying her Amazon breasts at the hated villain. Her body gleamed with sweat.

"Stop..." said Luthor. "I think its time to alter your perception."

Wonder Woman disappeared that day. Her costume was carefully preserved, mounted and framed; hidden in Luthor's Lair. Luthor also acquired a new bodyguard; one who was powerful, sexy and fiercely loyal to him. She was tall, tanned and spoke with an exotic accent. She had a build like a supermodel but was hard and cold toward any threats directed at Luthor.

One by one, members of the Justice League disappeared, then returned--driven by Luthor's plans of domination and justice...

the end?

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